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Head Office
Manotech ApS
Brogade 33, 1.
DK-5700 Svendborg
Phone: +45 5065 9090
VAT: DK-36910151

Product Development - Industrial Products.

From our experience in the B2B market, we know that industrial products will be crafted in both larger and smaller batches, requiring equal attentive precision and round-the-clock attention. Our industrial products exemplify fine craftsmanship and ingenious engineering for any requirement. We’re redefining what smart industrial engineering means today.

Why work with us?

Besides our track record of successful products, our industrial design team knows how to make the most complex industrials projects both simple and comprehensible. When working with us we strive to give you the best experience.

Here’s how we can help::

    • Cost Savings: Through an integration with our design team, we aim to provide you with significant cost savings by applying our knowledge and experience within industrial design.
    • Simplification: We’re often able to cut the typical manufacturing steps significantly. Our work towards simplified design and development advocates product completion as easy as 1-2-3.
    • Dependability: Whether you’re in need of long-term assistance or a fast advice, you can count on us. We also support in development or sourcing of replacement parts. We’re your go-to business, dependable 24-7.


When working on your industrial project, we strive to achieve cost savings, expedited completion times, manufacturability, safe and reliable results, and simplistic processes that any and everyone can follow