We are about bussiness

Manotech exist to help advance our clients' businesses. This is the primary reason our clients love to work with us. Our goal f..

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Minimum viable product

In developing a new product, Manotech identifies a broad range of features and then takes time to simplify down to the most impor..


Our passion drives us

Manotech team members are more than just experts in their disciplines; we love developing new products and are passionate about i..


Encourage constructive debating

Our team members are experts in various fields and will approach problems differently. Encouraging constructive debate results in..


We love collaboration

Cross collaboration is the rule, not the exception, at Manotech. Our product developers from every discipline routinely work toge..


Taking responsibility

Manotech offers a vertically integrated product development process. Our team has expertise in research, design, engineering, and..


Do not fear the unknown

Developing a new product involves stepping into the unknown. Manotech’s strong process eliminates unknowns in a systematic way ..