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Meet the technology that's perfecting your presentations

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Engineering Consultancy

Support though the initial idea and sketch to a fully realized product.

Consumer Design

Development and design of intuitive, safe and reliable products.

Industrial Design

Development with focus on customization, integration and performance.

Who we are.

We’re a small development company that provides consultancy in relation to product development and industrial design.

Additionally, we develop our own products that are sold directly through our site, as well as through partnered brands. We’re a one-stop-production-shop, ready to elevate your brand by taking your products to the next level.

Here at Manotech, we have previously focused on consultancy regarding industrial application, especially in terms sustainable energy.

As a team, we wanted to utilize this experience and do even more. We decided to start focusing our efforts on the development of consumer products and provide well-thought solutions to everyday problems. Our first internal development projects lead us towards more intelligent lighting products, and today, we proudly work with both consumer and industrial applications.

We’re a team of leading engineers, technology gurus, and marketing analysts that design next-generation products, while also working in a consultancy role to enhance any brand’s future solidification.

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